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Self-Mastery: Mindset

In part two of the ‘Self-Mastery’ series, Pastor Erwin McManus brings a powerful message on the importance of attaining mastery over our thoughts. From the words of Paul in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Pastor Erwin reveals that our minds are the invisible place where our most significant battles take place.
He reminds us that seeking mastery over our thoughts is a spiritual act. God designed us to ‘take every thought captive,’ so that we would not allow a negative thought to take root in our minds. Every thought that does not call us to more is not a thought that aligns with God’s design for us!
This message gives you the tools and encouragement you need to help you take control of your mindset.
“Self-Mastery: Mindset” message by Erwin Raphael McManus recorded at Mosaic Studios in Hollywood, CA.  For more information, visit © MOSAIC / Erwin McManus. #20210418

Good Friday – “The Desert Rose”

Pastor Erwin Raphael McManus shares a powerful Good Friday message that illuminates how Jesus redefined victory on the cross. Though Jesus’ death in John chapter 19 could have been perceived as a moment of defeat, Pastor Erwin reveals the nuances of how Jesus gave up his life willingly for all of mankind.

Jesus showed us that hope, peace and power can all be found at the cross. His death was an example of the beauty that can come from the most desolate places. In this talk, be encouraged: no matter where you are in this moment, Jesus has paved the way to a life filled with hope and beauty for you.

“The Desert Rose” message by Erwin Raphael McManus recorded in Joshua Tree, California.

For more information, visit © MOSAIC / Erwin McManus. #20210402

Third Day | Kim McManus

How would you live if you were guaranteed a resurrection? Pastor Kim McManus leads us through the book of John to discover what a life fully surrendered to Jesus looks like – and how it ultimately frees us completely from the fear of death.

Delivered in the context of a teacher to a student, Pastor Kim breaks down the struggle of Jesus against the religious men of his era as if we are talmid, or one of Jesus’s disciples. Through a lens of love, Pastor Kim shows us the intent behind Jesus’s message, his story, and his call to eternal life.

“Third Day” message by Kim McManus recorded at Mosaic Studios.

For more information, visit © MOSAIC / Erwin McManus. #20210222

Home For The Holidays – Christmas Eve | Pastor Erwin McManus

Merry Christmas, Mosaic! Pastor Erwin McManus sits down on Christmas Eve and explores the often forgotten role of Joseph during the birth of Jesus. Pastor Erwin highlights how Joseph’s place in the Christmas story can mirror our own—how in the middle of God’s work in the world we can find ourselves inconvenienced, diminished, and forgotten, yet we have the ability to chose the future that God has for us.

“Home For The Holidays – Christmas Eve” message given by Erwin McManus, recorded in the McManus home.

For more information, visit © MOSAIC / Erwin McManus. #20201224


Finding God In Your Future

We as humans don’t have a perception of time, we have a perception of change. If change is not a given, we often feel as though we’ve wasted our time. Jeremiah chapter 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Pastor Erwin McManus reminds us that there is a difference between stepping into tomorrow and stepping into our future. God reminds us that with His love we not only receive hope but also a future. The future is where hope exists and everything in our present is committed to our future. We need to stand in this moment knowing we have a future. God has a plan for our future, not just for tomorrow.

A futureless tomorrow is filled with fear and doubt. When filled with faith, hope, and love we can step into the future. If we’re filled with fear, we don’t have the material to step into our future. In the moments we’re filled with fear, we must see the markers that call us into our future. There will be moments in the future where we need to remember how good God is.

“A connection to God is a connection to the future. – Erwin McManus “

The future is ours.

“Finding God In Your Future” message given by Erwin McManus at Mosaic Hollywood.

For more information, visit © MOSAIC / Erwin McManus. #20200920


There are two different experiences within humanity: those who are ‘highborn’ and those who are ‘service class.’ One is born into privilege and one is not. The Scripture makes it clear that all of us have an inheritance that has been passed onto us. But most of us aren’t living as if we have received this legacy. This legacy invites everyone into promises that may only seem accessible to the ‘highborn.’

In Galatians 4:1-5 Paul address the reality that we can be the recipients of all the generosity God has given us. He tells us we’re all heirs. And as we mature we begin to step into our inheritance. We’re not all highborn, but when we enter a relationship with Jesus we’ve been invited into a full inheritance.

We must move toward maturity so we can handle the full inheritance God promises us. A relationship with God will transform us and that is an undeniable promise. But, we must step into this relationship ourselves. We are heirs, but we can choose to live like slaves; the choice is ours.  We must allow God to give us full freedom so that we are able to receive our full inheritance.

“God is not limited in His generosity.” -Erwin McManus

“Highborn” message given by Erwin McManus at Mosaic Hollywood.

For more information, visit © MOSAIC / Erwin McManus. #20200830

A Conversation With Kelly Rowland & Erwin McManus

Kelly Rowland joined our Lead Pastor Erwin McManus for a conversation that offered such incredible insight. Pastor Erwin asked Kelly about her journey with her career and family, and how race and faith have impacted her story. Kelly empowered us to live a generous life and expect to see how God moves through our generosity.

When they covered Kelly’s career, she emphasized the importance of truly loving your work. Our dreams are meant to bring us enjoyment, even when the journey seems difficult along the way. There is a grit that is required to step into the dreams God has given us, and hard work can take us places that talent never could.

Pastor Erwin asked Kelly to share her passion for giving. She told a story of a time when she felt stuck. Her best friend encouraged her to give and be generous, and to see how God would provide. Kelly made bold decisions after that conversation and decided to be more and more generous. She saw how God showed up for her again and again when she surrendered through generosity.

Kelly then shared a moment of feeling fear when she found out she was going to be having a son. But, she was reminded that God would give her what she needed to raise a black man in today’s society. She also encouraged single women to look for a husband who is kind, a good communicator, and clear on his faith.

“It’s not about your desire for the outcome, it’s about your love for the process.”

–Erwin McManus



“A Conversation With Kelly Rowland” message recorded on June 17, 2020 during Team Night on MOSAIC:ONLINE.

For more information, visit © MOSAIC / Erwin McManus. #20200617

Capture The Moment | Joe Smith

We are in the middle of one of the most united moments in history, coming together to stand against injustice. We are declaring that racism has to end with us. This is a moment we have to choose to step into. Not only are we deciding to step in, but we have decided we will not leave this moment the same.

Out of Acts Chapter 3, Pastor Joe Smith reminds us that we have to change what we see. When stepping into a moment, we choose to lead with listening rather than airing our opinions. In our culture, we are leaning in to see things from a different perspective. We have what it takes to enter this moment. God has given us all we need to make an impact. When we stop focusing on what we lack, we are able to capture the transformative moments Jesus is inviting us into. There is good in us that God is trying to get out of us for the sake of those around us. As we embrace this historical moment where we declare that ‘Black lives matter’, we are becoming more human than ever before. We are connecting to one another’s pain in a brand new way. Jesus is inviting us into a moment where we are transformed and can never be the same. Let’s step into it together.

“We lead with grace, and we lead with understanding and we lead with love.” —Joe Smith

“Capture The Moment” message recorded by Joe Smith at Mosaic Hollywood.

For more information, visit © MOSAIC / Erwin McManus. #20200614


The Power of Connectedness

These times can feel so uncertain and the impact of this invisible virus is keeping us separated in a way we’ve never been before. Now more than ever, it’s important to remember we can stay connected regardless of distance. We can even GROW in connection more than before-but it does take courage.

As it can be easy to overlook how interconnected we all really are, Pastor Erwin helps us remember this reality. Based on a passage in Galatians 3:28, he explains that God is trying to reconnect us and reminds us there is power in oneness.  There is power when we unite. God doesn’t want us to be separated and alone. God’s desire for us is that we realize that we’re never really alone. Why does it take so long for our souls to realize they need God? Pastor Erwin reminds us that often times we forget we are actually a part of the human story and a part of God’s story.

“God never intended for it to be ‘us versus them.’ It was simply supposed to be ‘us.’” -Erwin McManus

“The Power of Resilience” message given by Erwin McManus at Mosaic Hollywood.

For more information, visit © MOSAIC / Erwin McManus. #20200525

A Talk on Relationships – Erwin + Kim McManus with Special Guests John + Lisa Bevere

At Mosaic’s All Campus Team Night, our Lead Pastors Erwin McManus and Kim McManus hosted a fun and empowering conversation on relationships! Joining the conversation were Best-Selling Authors and Founders of Messenger International, Lisa Bevere and John Bevere.

Lisa and John shared lessons they learned through the years, as well as what they’re enjoying during this time in quarantine together. They gave key insights on building and sustaining a healthy marriage, how to fight fair, and how the lockdown during COVID-19 has affected their marriage for the better.

The conversation left us feeling inspired to serve those around us deeply, whether that is in a friendship or a romantic relationship.

A Talk on Relationships was recorded on May 20th, 2020 during Mosaic’s All Campus Team Night, and was hosted on MOSAIC:ONLINE.

Join us live for our next Team Night on June 3rd! RSVP at

For more information, visit © MOSAIC / Erwin McManus. #20200520