Self-Mastery: Mindset

In part two of the ‘Self-Mastery’ series, Pastor Erwin McManus brings a powerful message on the importance of attaining mastery over our thoughts. From the words of Paul in 2 Corinthians 10:3-5, Pastor Erwin reveals that our minds are the invisible place where our most significant battles take place.
He reminds us that seeking mastery over our thoughts is a spiritual act. God designed us to ‘take every thought captive,’ so that we would not allow a negative thought to take root in our minds. Every thought that does not call us to more is not a thought that aligns with God’s design for us!
This message gives you the tools and encouragement you need to help you take control of your mindset.
“Self-Mastery: Mindset” message by Erwin Raphael McManus recorded at Mosaic Studios in Hollywood, CA.  For more information, visit © MOSAIC / Erwin McManus. #20210418