Escape Room

In his message ‘Escape Room,’ Pastor Erwin McManus delivers a powerful message that illuminates how Jesus is the ‘escape’ from the rooms built by negative forces in our lives. Whether it be mistakes from our past, feelings of shame or inadequacy, or fear of the future, all of us have an escape room from which only Jesus can set us free.

Pastor Erwin draws from a story in John 8:2-11, where Jesus is found in a crowd of people accusing a woman who has been caught in adultery. The religious elite are intent on trapping the woman in her worst moment, but Jesus offers her freedom and a path to a better future.

“If you want to find your way out of the escape room, you need to let Jesus be your defense.”
-Erwin McManus

“Escape Room” message by Erwin McManus recorded at Mosaic Studios.

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