The Drive For Greatness | The “Best Of” Series

Many of us grew up in environments where we were encouraged to lay our ambitions aside in the name of following Jesus. We were told that it was vain to pursue success in many arenas. In this message, Pastor Erwin McManus challenges this cultural belief by diving into Matthew 20:20-28. In this passage, Jesus redefines the definition of greatness for his followers.

Pastor Erwin shares that Scripture never condemns the human desire to accomplish great things. In Matthew 20, Jesus simply encouraged his followers to see greatness as the result of sacrificial servanthood. We were not meant to live average, mediocre lives. We were meant to live with an ambition that works hard to see dreams accomplished and success realized. Because we are exposed to so much information about those who have accomplished greatness, it can be easy to believe that high levels of success are easy to come by. Pastor Erwin suggests that our greatness is waiting to be uncovered by hard work and discipline. Since we are representing God, we are wired with a desire to bring our very best to the world around us. “If you go to the edge of servanthood you will find yourself standing on the brink of greatness.”

-Erwin McManus

“The Drive For Greatness” message by Erwin McManus, previously recorded at Mosaic Hollywood.

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