Home For The Holidays – Week 2 | Pastors Erwin + Kim McManus

Although no one knew her, God saw her. Overjoyed by the message from God, Mary burst into song. “My soul glorifies in the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior, for He has been mindful of the humble state of his servant.” After Mary was told by an Angel that she would carry a baby boy, the son of God, she was shocked and overjoyed responding “I’m your servant, may your will be fulfilled.” God can take the humble and raise them up.

When we want God to see us we must choose humility, honor and courage as Mary did. When we’re full of ourselves or unkind, we move out of God sight. God’s mercy extends to those who fear him and scatters those who are arrogant. Mary’s song is a declaration that God is doing something to be remembered forever in human history, through those who humble themselves. We must remember the more we are full of ourselves the more invisible we become to God. Kindness and compassion is what God sees. This is the material that God uses.

“Jesus points the way to what God celebrates.” – Erwin McManus

“Home For The Holidays” message given by Erwin and Kim McManus, recorded in the McManus home.

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