Home For The Holidays | Pastors Erwin + Kim McManus

While we’re home we can choose to make this the best Christmas ever. We can’t let this season pass by uncelebrated! In the first chapter of Luke, the author documents Jesus’ extraordinary life in real-time. Luke knew that the things Jesus was doing were so incredible and it would be hard for people to believe. Because of this, he wanted to make sure to make a historical record of what he saw. Luke took on the role of an eyewitness and servant.

To be a servant of the world, we must do our part in the history we’re living through. We may find ourselves wondering if God knows what to do in this moment. He does! This is the moment where we need to be sharing how God has been good to us.

We need to make sure we’re telling the orderly account of what God is doing in our lives. Even if the middle has been rough, it’s how the story ends that matters. We need to be eyewitnesses of God’s activity and servants of that reality. We’re all supposed to be like Luke, writing the orderly account of God’s work. God is grounded in this moment and He is here with us. But we need to ground ourselves in Him or this moment may overwhelm us.

“A story can never be as powerful as a history.”

-Erwin McManus

“Home For The Holidays” message given by Erwin and Kim McManus, recorded in the McManus home.

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