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Foundation Weekend

How do we navigate this moment in history through rumors, chaos, and uncertainty? Pastor Erwin McManus invites us to look back as we look forward. Acts chapter 4 lays the foundation of the Church. They had little history with Jesus, and therefore they had to trust.

This is a beautiful parallel to life right now. 2020 has been a year of instability-and this reality is new to us. Nevertheless, we are deciding to trust God and each other. This moment of crisis has compelled our community at Mosaic to be creative and to ask, ‘How do we thrive and make an impact during this time?’ In 2020 we’ve had 4,439 people trust Jesus with their lives. This year our community has decentralized through new technology we’ve had 444,580 people attend Mosaic virtually. We’ve had 278 people became reoccurring givers; 887 different people have chosen to give to Mosaic.

We must step into this moment without fear as they did in Acts. In Luke 4:33 we learn that their giving was motivated by wanting the message of Jesus to be taken to the world. When Jesus is the core of the Church, it is unstoppable. We must remember the Church is here to bring hope to every single person. We must continue to serve and invest. The Church is God’s instrument to bring life, hope, and love to the world.

“Every time we give to the Church we’re establishing a foundation for the future of humanity.”

–Erwin McManus

“Foundation Weekend” message given by Erwin McManus at Mosaic Hollywood.

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