There are two different experiences within humanity: those who are ‘highborn’ and those who are ‘service class.’ One is born into privilege and one is not. The Scripture makes it clear that all of us have an inheritance that has been passed onto us. But most of us aren’t living as if we have received this legacy. This legacy invites everyone into promises that may only seem accessible to the ‘highborn.’

In Galatians 4:1-5 Paul address the reality that we can be the recipients of all the generosity God has given us. He tells us we’re all heirs. And as we mature we begin to step into our inheritance. We’re not all highborn, but when we enter a relationship with Jesus we’ve been invited into a full inheritance.

We must move toward maturity so we can handle the full inheritance God promises us. A relationship with God will transform us and that is an undeniable promise. But, we must step into this relationship ourselves. We are heirs, but we can choose to live like slaves; the choice is ours.  We must allow God to give us full freedom so that we are able to receive our full inheritance.

“God is not limited in His generosity.” -Erwin McManus

“Highborn” message given by Erwin McManus at Mosaic Hollywood.

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