Capture The Moment | Joe Smith

We are in the middle of one of the most united moments in history, coming together to stand against injustice. We are declaring that racism has to end with us. This is a moment we have to choose to step into. Not only are we deciding to step in, but we have decided we will not leave this moment the same.

Out of Acts Chapter 3, Pastor Joe Smith reminds us that we have to change what we see. When stepping into a moment, we choose to lead with listening rather than airing our opinions. In our culture, we are leaning in to see things from a different perspective. We have what it takes to enter this moment. God has given us all we need to make an impact. When we stop focusing on what we lack, we are able to capture the transformative moments Jesus is inviting us into. There is good in us that God is trying to get out of us for the sake of those around us. As we embrace this historical moment where we declare that ‘Black lives matter’, we are becoming more human than ever before. We are connecting to one another’s pain in a brand new way. Jesus is inviting us into a moment where we are transformed and can never be the same. Let’s step into it together.

“We lead with grace, and we lead with understanding and we lead with love.” —Joe Smith

“Capture The Moment” message recorded by Joe Smith at Mosaic Hollywood.

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